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Get results with BUSINESSWORX.
A powerful and easy-to-use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system built for retailers in the mobile audio and in the electronics industry.

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Everything you need to do to grow your business.

Everything you need to do to grow your business but don’t have the time.
Get real-time data on store performance, build stronger customer relationships, and market like a pro.

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Easy to Use

Easy setup, automated data import, and a simple web interface. Maximize your impact with a minimum of effort.

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Powerful Tools

One-stop marketing, customer feedback, business analytics, in-depth customer data and MORE. Know your business better, and make better decisions going forward.

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Proven advice, insider knowledge, and industry best practices to move your business to the next level. Facilitated training also available.


Get the data and tools you need to market and manage your business like a pro. Need to quickly see yesterday’s revenue - or how it compares to the same day a year, two years, three years ago? Want to know your customer acquisition cost, your customer satisfaction rating, the impact of marketing initiatives, or where your best customers live? BUSINESSWORX puts all of this and more at your fingertips.

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Are your brands part of your strategy for success? Through BUSINESSWORX, you can access branded content such as newsletters, newsletter banner and up-to-date MEDIAWORX video content. AVIDWORX also offers BUSINESSWORX subscribers substantial discounts on branded showcases systems, with top brands also offering additional incentives like discounted display product and rebates. Establish your store as the brand leader in your region with BUSINESSWORX.


On the move? You can connect to your BUSINESSWORX account using any web-enabled computer, tablet or phone, giving you the freedom to work from home or on the road. Because our system uses approved API connectivity to your point-of-sale system, the data is updated almost as soon as the information is entered into our system.

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Online tools to help you do it all

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Quickly compare your daily, weekly, and monthly numbers to previous years and your goals. Measure marketing, sales, customer retention, and everything else that matters.

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Who are your best customers - and how do you get more of them? This mapping and database tool helps you learn more about your customers and focus your marketing.

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Automate your appreciation with thank-you emails. Invite customers to take a survey, and follow-up on purchases.

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Stay top of mind with pre-written, custom, and automated emails branded to your store. Plan campaigns months in advance, educate your customers, and drive sales.

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Easily control your in-store digital signage. Access hundreds of videos from the top brands, videos and Buzzboards by Avidworx, and your own content as well.

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Take control of your online reviews. Intercept unhappy customers, bury bad reviews with good ones, and get more reviews through text invites.

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Cut down on no-shows and maximize your productivity with easy-to-use scheduling tool that includes text confirmations and reminders.

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Educate your customers and drive sales with better price tags. Available in several colors and three sizes, with optional sales pricing.

What people say about BUSINESSWORX

"I'm a numbers guy and I am serious about growing my revenue and profit! BUSINESSWORX gives me all the tools to work on my business and less in it!
John 40fe6b1517edbbe5cb80c723b3d4c817ecd85e085c0365ebe0e787ace02470fc

John Schwartz

Perfectionist Auto Sound & Security

Businessworks is absolutely the best automated marketing tool for our industry. Built by people in the industry, for the people in the industry. Stop doing it the hard way, you really need to look at this service!
Mark 1c42961ad805ea024fe49ade273aec46632db085378c26921bdd31b326f98d82

Mark Miller

WSS Westminster Speed & Sound

My business has been consistently growing over the last 2-3 years through the principles and systems through Businessworx. Version 3.0 is the perfect mix of simplicity, automation, and targeted 1-to-1 marketing for our industry. I wouldn’t run my business without it.
Omar 341f297792337e765f7790aa089d72e67920427dee9f618274935e0aa4438a95

Omar Jawad

Sound Depot

In less than 2 weeks our google review page went from 50 to over 100 entries. I love BUSINESSWORX!!!!

Philip Lindsley

Titan Motoring

Get to know your numbers and your customers better, make positive
change, and start growing your business today!